What do we offer?

Why are loans provided for commercial needs

A commercial project means any building permit application for commercial activity. As per the City's building planning application, over 25,000 square feet in floor area involving new construction, an addition, or alteration which results in $2,000,000 in improvements. We are likely to provide loans by our interconnection financial experts by reducing the complex risk phases of each transaction.

Our Services

We provide flexible loan services considering everyone as a VIP

It may become hard to keep up with payments. In that case, small businesses need capital to grow through refinancing.
Cash Flow
For several monetary necessities, always have a cash-flow system, for businesses with short-term business loans.
Inventory & Sourcing
Inventory purchase demands in order to take on some debt to finance. Here, need to raise some capital to purchase.
Bill & Supplier
Sometimes you have to meet the expenses before ROI while running a small business for its growth and expansion.
Reserve capital on hand either with a loan for maintaining the operations by investing in fundamental equipment.
Relocation & Expansion
The successful growth of a business demands relocation sometimes, which needs funding for expansion.
Hiring & Training
For increasing productivity hiring is a better option which can increase the liability resolved by loan.
Advertising & Promotion
Building brand awareness needs some extra funds and investment which results in potential transformation.
Eligible factors for applying loan

HMIC will review applications through the following criteria:

  • Incorporated business in the specified country as per the bond
  • 6+ months in operation
  • $100,000+ in annual revenue
  • 610+ personal credit score
How does it work?

Power up your passion with HMIC financing as an external driving force forever.

  • Firstly apply for the loan in minutes via online Share your basic details with us and business related information and financial status.
  • Verification

    Our pre-qualified experts and system will evaluate your documentation for initiating the process.

  • Get approval and receive fund

    Don't bother about your fundraising after approval.

  • Ready to bring revolutionary change to your business Be always with us for the next level change
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