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improve your business with industrial projects?

Project finance in the industrial project means all the fund management throughout the complete cycle of the project. The analysis of the wealth is particularly based on long-term projects and determines the debt and equity plan accordingly. Also, identify and value the economic benefits of the project.The objectives of the Industrial Finance Project will be to encourage trade, industrial, and financial policy reforms; promote efficient industrial development; and strengthen regulatory agencies and the analytical capabilities of financial intermediaries.

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We provide flexible loan services considering everyone as a VIP

At a fixed point of sale, a development project that retails merchandise rendering services without transformation.
Auto Related
HMIC has already understood the concerns you have to face while running a business and will provide the loan accordingly.
Ecommerce business websites have a drastic income if you have invested with proper planning and reach out your ambitions.
Health and Beauty
It's all up to you to use the fund provided for the flexible working of your salon for health and beauty.
In order to survive in this field, maintaining a healthy balance sheet for keeping a reputation is challenging.
Getting a construction loan is good fuel as a constructor or builder for your company or home or whatever it is.
Other Industries
Finance is needed to grow any type of business and HMIC working on it to provide the loan without strict requirements.
Eligible factors for applying loan

HMIC will review applications through the following criteria:

  • Incorporated business in the specified country as per the bond
  • 6+ months in operation
  • $100,000+ in annual revenue
  • 610+ personal credit score
How does it work?

Power up your passion with HMIC financing as an external driving force forever.

  • Firstly apply for the loan in minutes via online Share your basic details with us and business related information and financial status.
  • Verification

    Our pre-qualified experts and system will evaluate your documentation for initiating the process.

  • Get approval and receive fund

    Don't bother about your fundraising after approval.

  • Ready to bring revolutionary change to your business Be always with us for the next level change
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