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A municipal project will undertake to bring out real business

The main task of municipal project financing is designed to cater to the loan requirements to remedy some of these problems while preparing local governments to borrow in market financing like HMIC. Municipal finance is purely based on the expenditure and all other revenue decisions of municipal governments. It covers the sources of revenue which are used by the government such as taxes and other transfers.

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Drinking water
A well-planned resource for drinking water is essential for any region. So, fundraising is indeed for the immediate setup.
A Sanitary and combined sewer system is constructed for wastewater management and provides loans for effective setup.
Public transit
Building Public transport is inevitable for any country and HMIC provides a loan for initiating the process immediately.
Local roads and bridges
Active Transportation infrastructure is needed to enhance the sustainability of the country.
Capacity building
Includes investment to build long-term building plans. Make an investment plan with HMIC.
Solid waste
It involves a series of processes such as waste diversion, and material recovery facilities which need a fund available from HMIC.
Eligible factors for applying loan

HMIC will review applications through the following criteria:

  • Incorporated business in the specified country as per the bond
  • 6+ months in operation
  • $100,000+ in annual revenue
  • 610+ personal credit score
How does it work?

Power up your passion with HMIC financing as an external driving force forever.

  • Firstly apply for the loan in minutes via online Share your basic details with us and business related information and financial status.
  • Verification

    Our pre-qualified experts and system will evaluate your documentation for initiating the process.

  • Get approval and receive fund

    Don't bother about your fundraising after approval.

  • Ready to bring revolutionary change to your business Be always with us for the next level change
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